Get to Know Our True Colours

Founded in 1989, Topkote Design Finishes Inc. provides top quality industrial finishes services to the GTA and surrounding areas. Over the years as trends change, we realize it's important to keep up by investing in new technologies and techniques to get the job done more quickly and efficiently. Topkote's main focus is small quantities and odd shaped parts. This benefits consumers that require industrial finishes for several pieces rather than several thousand. We paint things like bike frames, railings, patio furniture, louvres, glass and more.

Not very many powder coaters do what we do. Most of our competiton require a minimum quantity to do a job, we do not. This has enabled Topkote to blend seamlessly in the construction and home improvement industries. Instead of replacing many pieces that are in very good condition, our customers choose to restore what they already have. If the colour of your patio set is all that you don't like, there's no need to replace it. Just restore it, we'll make it easy!

Topkote also takes it one step further. With special equipment, we can bring our painters to you! What this enables is the ability to paint objects that are unable to move. Stairs, storefronts, railings and more, we can paint them at our place or yours! If you're ready to begin your next project, let us know! We're ready!